So we have arrived. Or have we? The Game.

In typical fashion of predator vs. prey, I imagine government and the financial elite as two killer whales and the general public as a seal. The seal, in the territory of forced dependency to survive among the killers, is hunted, chased, played, and thrown about back and forth for a little amusement until so worn down that it becomes useless game which can then be devoured.

Killer Whale

In a capitalist system, such an outcome is inevitable. It is certain a victor and a loser will emerge.

History undeniably dictates that government expansion will run amok once given an excuse to do so, completely unchecked by its population.

Even more unnoticed today, is a framework that utilizes a more acute form of direct manipulation through macro-media programming that is “channeled” through the journalism and entertainment complexes which formulate a group-think social fabric.

The scare tactic of a predator is to control the mind, to frighten its target into submission.
For the masses to be programmed is the agenda. The constant ramming of disinformation into the mind of the target.
The more programmed the general public become, the simpler they are to manage and manipulate. Here is where we lie today.

This explains a life in such a system rather simply- If not bred to think for thyself, why should thy have to think for thyself anyway?

It is now that I begin to realize that wars of dictatorship regimes throughout world history were not of a goal to protect its population from a foreign “enemy” (as is the current case with the War on Terror), but it is a war within itself- on its very own population. A war on the people.
In fact, the only opposition a government body has is its own population.

When the populace seizes to support its evil doings, government becomes limited in scope, minuscule in power in comparison to the populace.

It is of proper function when a government is established to serve, not rule- where a people can broaden humanity in humankind, which is to do unto others as would thyself, respect others and their property, prosper in honesty, respect the lives of the land and the land itself.

Is the purpose of the USA meant to annihilate this mentality?

To find the reason, to search within the meaning, to approach the objective in sincere awareness is precisely the purpose of the expansion of the soul in physical form, which is constantly in strife to achieve the objective- knowing or not knowing.

What is the objective? Where is it? In the other life? The other side? Into the unknown? Or is it right here and now?

Hens in Zen

What is TRUE is that the advancement of the lavish feel-good society have become bred, fed, fattened, programmed and spoiled with no understanding of independent thought for the true advancement of SELF.

The social fabric is breaking down. By the day it becomes more obvious.

There must be a TRUE awakening of the mind to advance as SELVES.

Here lies the sincere hope of CHANGE.

“Change” does not come by voting in a pre-fabricated 2-party line of right and left-wing political propaganda. This is the agenda of the “establishment”- To manipulate, to form within the parameter of the agenda, to wash the mind from independent thought- No deviations. For the populace to be tuned-in and fixed into the PROGRAM is their utopia.

It begins to occur to me that the USA’s general purpose in the world view is to consume relentlessly, pump itself with steroids, and vomit while defecating on its opposition the world over.
Industrialized nations of the world, who share or have shared this same philosophy have proven doomed to failure.

The USA has been the latest action hero, in its last throes before a global union takes form. This is the purpose of the United Nations- To rise above as ONE body in the aftermath of economic deprivation, currency devaluation, and political de-stabilization of decaying government systems.
This is what is being sold today as what we now know as globalisation.

In this system it was without doubt that the Rich will become powerfully richer and the Poor will become pitilessly poorer… with the programmed chickens in the middle pecking away in stress, chaos and confusion.

The police state is advancing rapidly. RFID technology is scheduled to arrive in your wallet via a National ID shortly, spring of 2008 to be exact. They are already in our passports.

The killer whales are becoming larger and hungrier by the day, waiting for the right moment.

In these waters, the nets have been cast.

Oh chickens- oh chickens- oh chickens of the sea- who fares to win in the decay of liberty?