Precious metals set to explode to the upside

October 9, 2008

I’ve pondered for some time of how the US Gov’t plans to keep buying time in holding what’s left of the Dollar’s strength.
The national debt is psychotically out of proportion, and expanding ferociously. Unless some “miraculous” plan by introducing a new currency in wiping out the old in robbing the world of its owed money- the dollar is doomed to failure.
What is one to do?

It seems at the very moment, the true divergence of value in precious metals vs. market indices may have arrived. As global markets plummet in tandem, the masses are beginning to realize what real money is all about- gold & silver.

This was clearly evident today.

History repeating itself? Absolutely.
As this rude awakening of economic uncertainty slowly grabs root in the subconscious mind, paper currency is beginning to show its historically accurate face once again- intentional and eventual worthlessness.

Disturbingly, it is shocking to witness this sort of activity taking place in this country, but then again, isn’t this America’s manifest destiny?
To fall into the grasps of a communist/socialist matrix where government controls the debts, public and private, seems the higher than likely situation.

As I see it, we are witnessing the final throws of the capitalist idea. The Robber Barons of the banking elite are cashing in on the last grasp of what seems to be their ultimate American purpose- search out for profit and destroy.
It is certainly shaping up to be “a rich man’s war, and a poor man’s battle”.
This insanely criminal act called a “bail-out”, will some day go down as the largest bank robbery the world over.
This is not a US problem, this is a global problem. Sadly, the US taxpayer will foot the bill when all is said and done. That being through upcoming government-owned mortgage debt and increased taxation.

A critically important note to mention is- As the US Gov’t gobbles all of this so called “toxic debt” from the banking institutions via this “bail out”, their great “incentive” is to own control of these banking institution’s assets. This means that the average American citizen will now have debt and mortgage-debt obligations to the US Gov’t, not a private bank. Foreclosing on this entity is akin to telling the IRS that you do not want to pay taxes anymore.
Very intertesting scenario.

Rather than continue on the complexities of this evil structure, as stated in the past what is economically important at this time is the off-setting of paper dollars, and the purchase of gold and/or silver.

As events are developing rapidly, it is not long until mass media grabs attention into the next biggest investment bubble in precious metals.
Demand for the metals is very high at this time as supply is running short. “90% junk-silver coinage” is still available at local coin dealers at today’s bargain price of $12.50/ ounce.

IAO’s main intention is to not provide investment advice. However this specific alert is to provide awareness and protection as it is economically imperative to realize the current situation and protect your hard earned efforts by balancing your purchasing power by off-setting paper dollars for gold and/or silver.
For those with any questions on “how to” at a small scale- creating a plan by investing 30% of a weekly paycheck to your local coin dealer in purchasing gold/silver coinage is an excellent approach to buy peace of mind in this situation.

Do the smart thing and let it not be a surprise as this situation unfolds.



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