The ongoing war on the common class

September 20, 2008

Bank failures, deception, chaos, confusion.
It seems every financial columnist and salivating journalist in news media the world over has all of the ideas and knowledge as to why this has happened and is happening.
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to a conscious mind.

Into the turbulence of the storm, the calamities of markets (credit), economies, government intervention, and retracted civil liberties are manifesting quite precisely today- in that order mind you, as that is the more than likely scenario to trickle down more heavily as events unfold.

I continually question myself why most folk cannot seem to stare the beast straight in the eye to see in fact what it truly is.
This may be interesting to contemplate:
Is a forced 2 choice political establishment a true representation of the people?
Any “thinking” individual will realize that either way the upcoming US presidential election concludes- the outcome is nearly predictable. True change does not occur by manipulation. This is the ongoing story of mind control throughout ages in societies.
America is a clearly manipulated populace, and it is clearly evident that modern America is a political system based on Collectivism.
Where is the self? The individual [in-divide-of-all]. Why is it commonplace to herd in a state of collectivism?

In this matrix we are culturally indoctrinated by a pre-programmed agenda, and it is a mentality of:
If you think like them, I think like them, we think like them, they seem to think like us; therefore we’re all together and follow en masse.
This is prison in the guise of a free commune.

In this state the mind is trapped from achieving true consciousness. This is the agenda of the political matrix in this country- and in all societies throughout history where an elite rule over its working class.
How can we truly ponder our actions outside of the designed herd state of unconsciousness many seem to be trapped in?
We have evolved into the present day where “individuality” is a classification of terrorism in this country. What a disgusting evolution of so called “freedom”.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem”. That being said, seeking change through Obama is not a solution, it is a problem. Seeking change through McCain is not a solution, it is a problem. Is this just another “system” in crises as the ages pass us by?

It is amazing to see that most people form their opinions through media manipulation. What a sad state of affairs.

That is the story of America today.
Hoping for change through conditioned programming is a false reality.
Unless people awake to what is “truly” happening to their liberties, their lives, the food they eat, and most importantly, their minds- there will be utter chaos forthcoming. That is the plan for upcoming government expansion.
In this respect, the plan at stake for bringing order out of this upcoming chaos will be a centralized command, a police state, a totally controlled populace, financial deprivation via debt enslavement for the working class, and a massively tainted food supply to further genetically break down the populace, and naturally all other factions that are part and parcel of those outcomes.
This is evident today, and in massively acute form since 9-11.

It is ignorant to be angry at the Bush administration. They only fulfilled a purpose- An agenda.

In the current, a clear example of an upcoming centralized command is your US Gov’t sweeping up the financial sector. This being among many upcoming financial “rescues” that is in the works. What this simply means is that the Constitution as most Americans see, has been pulled from under and thrown out the door. The centralized state is merging forward in its involvement in the private sector- manifesting into the accurate definition of fascism.

I have become confident that the dollar will be devalued into a non-tradable currency within 3 years from now. The outcome will likely be the introduction of a new currency for a unified North American Union (Canada, US, Mexico). Very similar to what happened in Europe with the euro, as we eventually manifest into a one world governed matrix.
This is globalization.

As events unfold, there will surely be the grandiose puppeteer act in the US media of blaming upon blaming between each faction of government and the private sector about who is at fault for the crises at hand, all the while the solution for government will be to create a new currency to resolve the calamity.
Make no mistake about it- this is being structured at the top level by design.

In the end, America has a mission which is being fulfilled, and is the modern experiment of communism- or as George Bush Sr. put it “Commutarianism”.

Either choice you make in this election will have no desired benefit for your overall well-being.

You can be assured that either one of these parties is to bring in the next level of government expansion, all the while the general populace will be locked into pre-programmed media manipulation in belief that one of these characters will give them the “change” they desire. Nothing is farther from the “truth”.

In order to take control of our own destiny in this country, power must be restored to the people. Government must be limited in scope. People must control government, where government does not control a people. That will come when the populace begins to think for “themselves” without any thinking being “planned and designed” onto them.

This “war on terror” is a war on us as a people- and should be remembered going forward.

Brian Coia

  • *thanks David Dees for illustration


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