Recently I was at the airport here in Portland, OR and was caught at what I had witnessed. At the security check point for boarding passengers was this new full bodied scanning device that shoots some type of high pressure air spray towards the individual underneath its dome-like structure. As I watched a girl walk into this device, I believe she had no idea what she was getting into (neither did I). Suddenly a loud blast of air pressure shot at her- and this girl jolted her body as if it was an electric shock. After this sudden surprise, she carried on through the machine with a squeaky little giggle and continued on her way, onto some other human scanning device, as if it was all just some amusing circus platform.

As I’m staring in awe at this activity, I am wondering to myself if Americans are still in the belief that all of this massive change in intensely heightened security really has to do with some cave-dwelling radical playing bomb-plot games hiding somewhere in a mountainous region in the middle-east.


Welcome to the USSA

Animals sense danger in the wild accurately well. It is their natural defense mechanism to survive. What do such average citizens utilize for defense from potential danger these days? This is the very problem. The general public is out of touch with the true perception of things. Why? Because that is the ultimate purpose of the higher elite who create the culture that they live under. This is a war on the mind- A war on every single citizen of the industrialized world to conform to the new standard which is the loss of individualism and free-individual thought.

It is much in the same light that the US economy is being held up superficially by monetary manipulation. At some point the tsunami of reality will arrive onshore. In fact, if one hasn’t noticed, it has already begun.

It is sensing this inevitable danger that is of critical importance before it crosses the threshold.

Is it possible that the dollar is being sacrificed by purpose, and when all is said and done will it be the rogue investment community that gets the blame for a worthless dollar?


It is a high possibility that the USD will become so devalued that hyperinflation may begin to show its sharp teeth in this country soon enough, all by design.

We may even be introduced a new currency (the “Amero” as it is being called- the single currency of Canada, USA, Mexico) when the ashes settle after the potential collapse of the US Dollar.

Are these days far off?

Interesting thing about all of this mass deception of media manipulation is that the banking sector has reaped huge profits on average citizens who were purposely setup to fall into the claptrap of this housing crises.

Don’t believe for a second that banking conglomerates of the world are losing money on the so-called sub-prime meltdown. Only the “little guys” are affected in this game. How could the perpetrator lose in its own game that it created? Only the commoners are losers in this game- The ill & uninformed.

It has become certain that this may only be the beginning of the new shape of things to come.

There would be no doubt in question that if any curious individual spent a respective amount of time studying the social landscape before the introduction of the Soviet Socialist Republic, one would gather enough information that would confirm to him/her an accurate picture of where this country may soon be headed.

Isn’t it interesting that so many events are happening within the same time frame today? How coincidental is it that the housing bust, currency devaluation, erratic stock markets, economic recession, wars, inflation, unemployment, overall negative sentiment and a host of other negative complexities happen to be occurring all at once? It is very simple in that it is designed that way- To crush the commoner into submission.

What is incredible is that the sold story to the public of some caveman creating these hosts of complications is the very reason for the War on Terror.
This may well go down as the largest hoax ever played on a global mass populace.

Also amazing is there is not one, but one politician in representing the minority of people who question this enhanced security agenda that has grabbed any media attention in the mayhem of all of this absolute nonsense called the War on Terror. This proves where corporate media has its roots.

It is obvious that presidential candidate Ron Paul has become victim of this activity as he has been isolated to a heavy extent at the mainstream media level for some time from the broadened attention that his campaign so rightly deserves.

Look at your choices for US president 2008- it is slated to be certain that Mrs. Clinton will take the title as US President. Now, does it really matter which figurehead takes seat of this position?

Both parties are in full support of the military & corporate complex, which are certainly tied together. So what use is it to vote for such useless figureheads who will do nothing other than continue to fill the profits that make them who they are anyways? Not once has any of these useless puppets mention anything about returning America back to the core of its principle foundation, which resides in restoring power to the people with government being limited in scope of expanding its power over the people.
American politics is a whore show about who out-smarts & out-smirks the other, with topics totally irrelevant about what is at critical issue. What a sad state of affairs that the public get so involved in this carry-on of absolute ridicule.
What’s at real stake is your ignorance about what is really happening behind the curtain.

The deception is so obvious and apparent that the main problem lies in the average commoner glued to the television that knows no other reality outside of his or her parameter.


If one spent any time researching this area, you would certainly come to realize that the United States of America has been, and is run as one massive corporation set to fulfill a certain agenda of the upcoming new world structure.

How manipulated the populace have become. We are but one large pool of festering swine to these corporate elite—and they are surely grateful that you adhere to their political policies. It makes it that much easier for them to achieve their target.

In this dance called the War on Terror, it is in tandem we go… The “united nations” of the world continues its gracious tune together- From stock markets to national security, the global plan to manage the world from a single body of government is openly under way.

It is headed to be a life of group-think. In fact, it is already here. Peers+conformity+acceptance= group think. Its proof is in the writing of my purpose with Informed At Once- The strife of expressing the importance of saving humanity from itself in this matrix of disillusion that is forefront to the highest importance.

Who has the courage to recognize that the landscape of this country, and the world, is dramatically changing to an institutionalized form of function?

Why the silence? Why the adherence? Why the acceptability of EVERYTHING?

Where are the critical questions?

It is because the populace has purposely become dumbed-down by design- through media, through medicine, through education. This is mass manipulation. To be strapped in debt, working for your higher elitist paper holder and eating genetically modified foods has become the acceptance of everything. How does one gain strength from this behavior?
Such wide-scale ignorance has not been seen since mid-30’s Germany.
There will be a point were the fabric is pulled from the table to reveal the new standard of living that has been in the works for some time.

The polit-bureaus of the Soviet Socialist Republic designed the landscape in nearly the same fashion we are witnessing here in the US today.

Upcoming is the introduction of Neo-Socialism, fine-tuned for the hungriest, most ignorant and dumbed-down consumers the world has ever known.

How can such a populace put up a fight against such a dominant agenda? It will be a hard task indeed, as many are over the idea of making any change for the better. Too many are happy in their own little world of financial slavery.

If there is hope for this civilization, it is now of the highest importance to inform the self. A start would be the research of fallen societies. In the most recent past, the ex-Soviet Union, it is apparent what made that society become what it was before the height of its communist structure.
Seek and you will find the parallels of a similar framework being utilized today.

Private non-taxed organizations create and pass laws that are to be the standard of social function throughout this new and enhanced technological society that lies directly ahead.
In the USSR it was the polit-bureaus. In the US & Europe it is private non governmental organizations (NGO’s)- new words, same design.
The idea and framework of population control can be traced back deeply in time if one afforded the effort to research.

The creation of culture for a general public is key in succeeding the agenda at stake- which is total population control.

Smell the danger- look over your shoulder. The hidden mask of mass deception is controlling everything we do.

To grasp the sword of salvation and annihilate this beast is to conquer prosperity. That sword is the mind. This is the advancement of genuine humankind. All will follow in its course- love, respect, kindness, care, concern- for all beings of the world and animals alike.


The power is within us. We must unite to save humanity from ourselves.

Strength, unity and perseverance-

Brian Coia