As the middle-class fall evermore dependent on financial salvation by a ‘higher above’, who is it to save them from the pleasures of lavish money expansion? As history has shown, this financially transmitted disease has now taking form from host to recipient, again.

Reach out and touch faith.



Such common pleasures of monetary prostitution provided by the luxurious financial whorehouse known as the Federal Reserve has played into a very horrific addiction.
This ‘god’ is sure to not provide salvation.

In this matrix of economic delusion, the effort one must make to weave through this overwhelming weapon of cash deception is heavily burdened by a level of risk that for many is simply most comfortable to stay clear of.
The simple satisfaction of purchasing ignorance over knowledge is readily accessible at the disposal of Federal Reserve commanders. Much like they control the value of its currency, they control the spending habits of its citizens as well. To deviate outside the box of conventional thinking is but a conspiracy theory. And with this mindset the average citizen has positioned himself as a slave at the mercy of these fictitious money gods.
Clearly the task that most have chosen is to bathe in the provided waters of Federal Reserve ‘liquidity’. What a sewage pool of stench it is. A monetary policy based on the full faith and credit of an institution of private bankers for the benefit of their own private interests which is in effect to dumb-down the general public by broadcasting their agenda of deceptive rhetorical statistics.
It’s their agenda to understand that- We create the money, we control the money, and you dance to the tune of our fiddle. What a fantastic concept.

How art though Fed Chairman known to the social class as mediator of financial currents, be seen as savior in a potential rash of financial calamity?

To weave through the confusion- To sow the seed of prosperity- To grasp the honest sensation of financial soundness, and liberty! – is to wield from their shielded conduit.
To deviate from protection by the curator, to denounce the money creator (The Fed) and begin to strip the socionomic comptrollers of their clothes and bare the naked money god, Mr. Ben Bernanke, with his federal apostles from further destitution it casts upon the broadest depths of class, is to scrape the scum off the encrusted blade of which further sheds the shielded garments it so divinely protects.

Awaken thy spirit through silence from control, the social framework that is designed, installed and maintained by an evil class of corporate interests.
Shell thy protection from the pain that is cast upon the ignorant, as this ignorance by choice is visibly abound and is vagrantly unchecked.

Efforts upon efforts to awaken the mind- for which I stand as outcast from conventional thought. From the obsession to inform the congested mind towards the true understanding of a life which encapsulates pure conscious living.
It is the Here and Now of which is the matter. The moment to seize the opportunity to think for thyself, and not be thought of as programmable thought.

Am I the conspiracy theorist?
Now my clothes are shed. I remain bare, naked, vigilant in focus and determined to listen. I await the call of protection by wisdom.

I call a ‘crusade’ of honesty. To advance by knowledge, not by force- to strip the foundations of this corrupted empire.
It will slowly begin to crumble.
It is but to outsmart the deceptor.

Only by this.