Bank Run in the works?

September 18, 2007

Fears Spread Among UK Bank’s Customers
Washington Post

If people are being bled the subprime mortgage loan hysteria, let this be a prelude of what may next arrive.

Much like the mortgage loan crises that began in Britain a couple of years back, this sort of activity may be setting a very interesting stage.

In the world of “globalization”, all industrialized nations are highly contagious to each others illnesses as this power grab of government/economical centralized control continues its course the world over.

There should not be a shadow of a doubt that this sort of bank-fear activity may not be far from American shores.
Being the fact that the Dollar is losing its strength by the day only adds further insult to injury.

Should this type of activity spread from one institution to the other, the fear it will cast should create a domino effect and send the masses into the mindset of searching for a strong, secure place to hold their money & future financial security.

The Federal Reserve is poised to protect any such situation from occurring in this country by way of interest rate manipulation as they flood banks with evermore newly printed money. All the while your dollars becoming more & more devalued.
Be forewarned of further disillusionment that the US economy is a sound and healthy one.
The US Economy is running on credit, not savings.
The system is unsustainable.
At some point the credit-vise will snap.

It will only be a matter of time until the average bank depositor loses faith in this entire fraudulent system known as fractional-reserve banking, overseen by a coup of private bankers known as the Federal Reserve.

(see this great video documentary from the Ludwig Von Mises Institute-

Wherever one stands in this matrix of financial folly, it should be of highest interest to financially protect yourself by purchasing the most sound, secure currency the world has ever known- gold & silver.
The next ‘bubble’ is strongly building its base.

1930’s USA Re-visited (London, Sept. 15, 2007)
1930's Re