Folks, I rest aside my own evaluations of politics & economics for something of serious concern. The US government is without a doubt beginning to reveal its dark, deceptive mask.
I hope this does not pose any pessimistic view on your consciousness. This is not my objective. The facts are the reality.
I would also like to ask if you would please put aside any potential conspiracy theory thoughts and/or disbelief that you may have and contemplate the current scenario as it is being presented.

There is a planned nationwide ‘Terrorism Drill’ that is to take place in the Portland, OR metro area beginning August 20, 2007 through August 24, 2007.

Details here- .
Officially here-

As there has been mainly no public notice of this government-sponsored event, it has certainly caught grip in the underground press. One of the local street papers picked up on the story and has jokingly downplayed the situation-
It would not surprise me to see this mentality bleed over towards mainstream media outlets. This attitude is what spirals the people of this country into further deceptive ignorance.

There is no doubt in my mind that the US government is continually building its offense against a weakening public that has cornered itself into total media-driven submission.
Where this goes from here is surely interesting to contemplate.

I have strong affirmations that something very large is in the cards of the US Government and I highly doubt that the average tax-paying citizen will get dealt a decent hand while being forced to play its game. History proves this accuracy.

I’m sure most of you notice that the sentiment towards the Bush organization has gone very sour of late. Seems like everyone in this country is against the Afghan & Iraq Wars these days. President Bush is nearing the record of the highest disapproval rating then any other president in US history. It won’t be long until it’s broken.
Certainly that wasn’t the case in the aftermath of
September 11, 2001. Nearly everyone wanted those ‘Muslim bastards’ to pay the price for the casualties caused on 9-11. At the time, the Bush organization was seen as heroes with large testicles for the planned retaliation against the countries who harbored terrorism.
That attitude has dissipated into thin air.

As Bush’s “global crusade against terrorism” steamrolls forward in its relentless pursuit to democratize non-abiding nations throughout the world, it must first rebuild that luscious “bring em’ on” war feeling at home.
At present, advancing the war on terror towards Iran is a problem due to the difficult challenges it faces both from a Democratic elected congress that initially puppeteered itself with an anti-war agenda (certainly NOT the case), as well as public sentiment towards the Bush administration that continues to erode by the day.

How appropriate would it be to have all of your people behind you, including Congress, to continue the war on terror in pure dictatorial fashion, 100% war lust.. post 9-11 style?
Sounds very appealing if you’re the Bush organization I’m sure.

As the spirit for the war against terrorism erodes, an event akin to the type witnessed on 9-11 (more than likely worse), seems that this may be the missing link to save this administration from further dysfunction.

The above referenced federal/national exercises are mentioned for the fact that these forms of government activity were both performed (in their respective countries) on the same day of the events of 9-11-01 and in the London train bombings on 7-7-05.

Please make an effort to research the data in an around the above links.

We are living in very interesting times indeed. In the end of this chaos, the government that breeds lies, deception, greed and hatred is a government with no stable foundation.

Love, honesty and true happiness will come to those who strive to achieve it in the present. This I am sure of.

God bless you all,

Brian Coia

Federal Reserve Wanking

August 17, 2007


The Fed is clearly involved in market manipulation at this time. What else is new?
The recent injection of over $62 billion into the marketplace doesn’t seem to be working, so now they tune to the chord of interest rate manipulation.
This will be interesting how this monstrosity of complications plays out.

Not for the faint of heart- there is a high chance of a short-term recovery of major world markets to 10% above current levels, led by the DOW.

Safest action- stay aside and let the carnage continue. Those who hold cash will be heavily rewarded once this plays out as the buying opportunities will be aplenty.

Stay tuned