“It’s time for Oregon to fluoridate water” – former governor of Oregon


The more ignorant the masses..the more simple to manipulate.. so poison them. Another fraction of government’s plans to keep you ill & uninformed.
Check your community if government has mandated flouride in your local water supply. If so, check back and look into the ‘Urban Survival’ section that will soon be added to the site for info on how to protect yourself and others.

B Coia

Flouride’s effects- http://www.holisticmed.com/fluoride/


US to erase nearly 2000 years of sectarian violence by “Driving al-Maliki”??

The News Tribune.com-
Strong words for al-Maliki

“Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve” by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute

Video- http://mises.org:88/Fed

“Green” by Ken Nordine, from the LP “Colors”