The Guardian-
Targeting the pain business,,1887256,00.html

US secretary of the Air Force, Michael Wynne- “Basically my point to them was [that] we need to start using that here in the US on Americans”

– An insult in the purest form of degradation.
Is it a nightmare? No, its reality in our modern life of a disporportionately overpowering government in full control of its people.
Protest is one that is most annoying to a central power. It must progress without domestic hindrance to attain its goals.
What goals? Foreign policy at the hands of a Christian ideology that would make Jesus Christ weep tears of blood.

At what threshold does Deception Overload boil to the surface?

B Coia


U.S. Coast Guard-

Marketwatch -Dow Jones
Mortgage reset ‘tsunami’ could end up an economic ripple

N.Y. Times-
Crisis Looms in Market for Mortgages


Get ‘Chingy’ with it

With debt imbedded in the american dream, how would you have it any other way?
The debt train is running full speed ahead,, and what better way to advertise it than to make it fashionable.
Debt-by-force seems inevitable in an economy that is artificially being supported by it.

The more interesting part of this exciting ride comes when government realizes that the credit expansion tactic seizes to continue fooling the people and steers its deadly debt locomotive towards taxing.

Like all of history, the middle class will be held responsible. Government is sure about this.
War on.

B Coia