Yahoo Headline News- “How to Choose the Best Credit Card”

January 28, 2007

the headline continues “The average American household owes more than $8,000 in credit card debt. Could part of the problem be choosing the wrong cards in the first place?”

    -This brings great laughter to me… What a preposterous way to form a question to the American public.
    This is a direct insult to the general public’s intellect. Does anyone care? No? Ok, everything’s fine.. go back to work.

    Would it be possible to contemplate that one could in fact look towards the federal government for flooding world markets with an excessive credit expansion policy that has yet to seize… in effect causing the most recent asset bubble (in this case real estate) that forces consumers to continue to drown themselves in debt,, in all forms & fashion of credit?
    oh wait… maybe we just need to be informed of the truth of this whole scam called Fed monetary policy.
    Stay tuned..
    B Coia

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