I’ve pondered for some time of how the US Gov’t plans to keep buying time in holding what’s left of the Dollar’s strength.
The national debt is psychotically out of proportion, and expanding ferociously. Unless some “miraculous” plan by introducing a new currency in wiping out the old in robbing the world of its owed money- the dollar is doomed to failure.
What is one to do?

It seems at the very moment, the true divergence of value in precious metals vs. market indices may have arrived. As global markets plummet in tandem, the masses are beginning to realize what real money is all about- gold & silver.

This was clearly evident today.

History repeating itself? Absolutely.
As this rude awakening of economic uncertainty slowly grabs root in the subconscious mind, paper currency is beginning to show its historically accurate face once again- intentional and eventual worthlessness.

Disturbingly, it is shocking to witness this sort of activity taking place in this country, but then again, isn’t this America’s manifest destiny?
To fall into the grasps of a communist/socialist matrix where government controls the debts, public and private, seems the higher than likely situation.

As I see it, we are witnessing the final throws of the capitalist idea. The Robber Barons of the banking elite are cashing in on the last grasp of what seems to be their ultimate American purpose- search out for profit and destroy.
It is certainly shaping up to be “a rich man’s war, and a poor man’s battle”.
This insanely criminal act called a “bail-out”, will some day go down as the largest bank robbery the world over.
This is not a US problem, this is a global problem. Sadly, the US taxpayer will foot the bill when all is said and done. That being through upcoming government-owned mortgage debt and increased taxation.

A critically important note to mention is- As the US Gov’t gobbles all of this so called “toxic debt” from the banking institutions via this “bail out”, their great “incentive” is to own control of these banking institution’s assets. This means that the average American citizen will now have debt and mortgage-debt obligations to the US Gov’t, not a private bank. Foreclosing on this entity is akin to telling the IRS that you do not want to pay taxes anymore.
Very intertesting scenario.

Rather than continue on the complexities of this evil structure, as stated in the past what is economically important at this time is the off-setting of paper dollars, and the purchase of gold and/or silver.

As events are developing rapidly, it is not long until mass media grabs attention into the next biggest investment bubble in precious metals.
Demand for the metals is very high at this time as supply is running short. “90% junk-silver coinage” is still available at local coin dealers at today’s bargain price of $12.50/ ounce.

IAO’s main intention is to not provide investment advice. However this specific alert is to provide awareness and protection as it is economically imperative to realize the current situation and protect your hard earned efforts by balancing your purchasing power by off-setting paper dollars for gold and/or silver.
For those with any questions on “how to” at a small scale- creating a plan by investing 30% of a weekly paycheck to your local coin dealer in purchasing gold/silver coinage is an excellent approach to buy peace of mind in this situation.

Do the smart thing and let it not be a surprise as this situation unfolds.



Bank failures, deception, chaos, confusion.
It seems every financial columnist and salivating journalist in news media the world over has all of the ideas and knowledge as to why this has happened and is happening.
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to a conscious mind.

Into the turbulence of the storm, the calamities of markets (credit), economies, government intervention, and retracted civil liberties are manifesting quite precisely today- in that order mind you, as that is the more than likely scenario to trickle down more heavily as events unfold.

I continually question myself why most folk cannot seem to stare the beast straight in the eye to see in fact what it truly is.
This may be interesting to contemplate:
Is a forced 2 choice political establishment a true representation of the people?
Any “thinking” individual will realize that either way the upcoming US presidential election concludes- the outcome is nearly predictable. True change does not occur by manipulation. This is the ongoing story of mind control throughout ages in societies.
America is a clearly manipulated populace, and it is clearly evident that modern America is a political system based on Collectivism.
Where is the self? The individual [in-divide-of-all]. Why is it commonplace to herd in a state of collectivism?

In this matrix we are culturally indoctrinated by a pre-programmed agenda, and it is a mentality of:
If you think like them, I think like them, we think like them, they seem to think like us; therefore we’re all together and follow en masse.
This is prison in the guise of a free commune.

In this state the mind is trapped from achieving true consciousness. This is the agenda of the political matrix in this country- and in all societies throughout history where an elite rule over its working class.
How can we truly ponder our actions outside of the designed herd state of unconsciousness many seem to be trapped in?
We have evolved into the present day where “individuality” is a classification of terrorism in this country. What a disgusting evolution of so called “freedom”.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem”. That being said, seeking change through Obama is not a solution, it is a problem. Seeking change through McCain is not a solution, it is a problem. Is this just another “system” in crises as the ages pass us by?

It is amazing to see that most people form their opinions through media manipulation. What a sad state of affairs.

That is the story of America today.
Hoping for change through conditioned programming is a false reality.
Unless people awake to what is “truly” happening to their liberties, their lives, the food they eat, and most importantly, their minds- there will be utter chaos forthcoming. That is the plan for upcoming government expansion.
In this respect, the plan at stake for bringing order out of this upcoming chaos will be a centralized command, a police state, a totally controlled populace, financial deprivation via debt enslavement for the working class, and a massively tainted food supply to further genetically break down the populace, and naturally all other factions that are part and parcel of those outcomes.
This is evident today, and in massively acute form since 9-11.

It is ignorant to be angry at the Bush administration. They only fulfilled a purpose- An agenda.

In the current, a clear example of an upcoming centralized command is your US Gov’t sweeping up the financial sector. This being among many upcoming financial “rescues” that is in the works. What this simply means is that the Constitution as most Americans see, has been pulled from under and thrown out the door. The centralized state is merging forward in its involvement in the private sector- manifesting into the accurate definition of fascism.

I have become confident that the dollar will be devalued into a non-tradable currency within 3 years from now. The outcome will likely be the introduction of a new currency for a unified North American Union (Canada, US, Mexico). Very similar to what happened in Europe with the euro, as we eventually manifest into a one world governed matrix.
This is globalization.

As events unfold, there will surely be the grandiose puppeteer act in the US media of blaming upon blaming between each faction of government and the private sector about who is at fault for the crises at hand, all the while the solution for government will be to create a new currency to resolve the calamity.
Make no mistake about it- this is being structured at the top level by design.

In the end, America has a mission which is being fulfilled, and is the modern experiment of communism- or as George Bush Sr. put it “Commutarianism”.

Either choice you make in this election will have no desired benefit for your overall well-being.

You can be assured that either one of these parties is to bring in the next level of government expansion, all the while the general populace will be locked into pre-programmed media manipulation in belief that one of these characters will give them the “change” they desire. Nothing is farther from the “truth”.

In order to take control of our own destiny in this country, power must be restored to the people. Government must be limited in scope. People must control government, where government does not control a people. That will come when the populace begins to think for “themselves” without any thinking being “planned and designed” onto them.

This “war on terror” is a war on us as a people- and should be remembered going forward.

Brian Coia

  • *thanks David Dees for illustration

    Recently I was at the airport here in Portland, OR and was caught at what I had witnessed. At the security check point for boarding passengers was this new full bodied scanning device that shoots some type of high pressure air spray towards the individual underneath its dome-like structure. As I watched a girl walk into this device, I believe she had no idea what she was getting into (neither did I). Suddenly a loud blast of air pressure shot at her- and this girl jolted her body as if it was an electric shock. After this sudden surprise, she carried on through the machine with a squeaky little giggle and continued on her way, onto some other human scanning device, as if it was all just some amusing circus platform.

    As I’m staring in awe at this activity, I am wondering to myself if Americans are still in the belief that all of this massive change in intensely heightened security really has to do with some cave-dwelling radical playing bomb-plot games hiding somewhere in a mountainous region in the middle-east.


    Welcome to the USSA

    Animals sense danger in the wild accurately well. It is their natural defense mechanism to survive. What do such average citizens utilize for defense from potential danger these days? This is the very problem. The general public is out of touch with the true perception of things. Why? Because that is the ultimate purpose of the higher elite who create the culture that they live under. This is a war on the mind- A war on every single citizen of the industrialized world to conform to the new standard which is the loss of individualism and free-individual thought.

    It is much in the same light that the US economy is being held up superficially by monetary manipulation. At some point the tsunami of reality will arrive onshore. In fact, if one hasn’t noticed, it has already begun.

    It is sensing this inevitable danger that is of critical importance before it crosses the threshold.

    Is it possible that the dollar is being sacrificed by purpose, and when all is said and done will it be the rogue investment community that gets the blame for a worthless dollar?


    It is a high possibility that the USD will become so devalued that hyperinflation may begin to show its sharp teeth in this country soon enough, all by design.

    We may even be introduced a new currency (the “Amero” as it is being called- the single currency of Canada, USA, Mexico) when the ashes settle after the potential collapse of the US Dollar.

    Are these days far off?

    Interesting thing about all of this mass deception of media manipulation is that the banking sector has reaped huge profits on average citizens who were purposely setup to fall into the claptrap of this housing crises.

    Don’t believe for a second that banking conglomerates of the world are losing money on the so-called sub-prime meltdown. Only the “little guys” are affected in this game. How could the perpetrator lose in its own game that it created? Only the commoners are losers in this game- The ill & uninformed.

    It has become certain that this may only be the beginning of the new shape of things to come.

    There would be no doubt in question that if any curious individual spent a respective amount of time studying the social landscape before the introduction of the Soviet Socialist Republic, one would gather enough information that would confirm to him/her an accurate picture of where this country may soon be headed.

    Isn’t it interesting that so many events are happening within the same time frame today? How coincidental is it that the housing bust, currency devaluation, erratic stock markets, economic recession, wars, inflation, unemployment, overall negative sentiment and a host of other negative complexities happen to be occurring all at once? It is very simple in that it is designed that way- To crush the commoner into submission.

    What is incredible is that the sold story to the public of some caveman creating these hosts of complications is the very reason for the War on Terror.
    This may well go down as the largest hoax ever played on a global mass populace.

    Also amazing is there is not one, but one politician in representing the minority of people who question this enhanced security agenda that has grabbed any media attention in the mayhem of all of this absolute nonsense called the War on Terror. This proves where corporate media has its roots.

    It is obvious that presidential candidate Ron Paul has become victim of this activity as he has been isolated to a heavy extent at the mainstream media level for some time from the broadened attention that his campaign so rightly deserves.

    Look at your choices for US president 2008- it is slated to be certain that Mrs. Clinton will take the title as US President. Now, does it really matter which figurehead takes seat of this position?

    Both parties are in full support of the military & corporate complex, which are certainly tied together. So what use is it to vote for such useless figureheads who will do nothing other than continue to fill the profits that make them who they are anyways? Not once has any of these useless puppets mention anything about returning America back to the core of its principle foundation, which resides in restoring power to the people with government being limited in scope of expanding its power over the people.
    American politics is a whore show about who out-smarts & out-smirks the other, with topics totally irrelevant about what is at critical issue. What a sad state of affairs that the public get so involved in this carry-on of absolute ridicule.
    What’s at real stake is your ignorance about what is really happening behind the curtain.

    The deception is so obvious and apparent that the main problem lies in the average commoner glued to the television that knows no other reality outside of his or her parameter.


    If one spent any time researching this area, you would certainly come to realize that the United States of America has been, and is run as one massive corporation set to fulfill a certain agenda of the upcoming new world structure.

    How manipulated the populace have become. We are but one large pool of festering swine to these corporate elite—and they are surely grateful that you adhere to their political policies. It makes it that much easier for them to achieve their target.

    In this dance called the War on Terror, it is in tandem we go… The “united nations” of the world continues its gracious tune together- From stock markets to national security, the global plan to manage the world from a single body of government is openly under way.

    It is headed to be a life of group-think. In fact, it is already here. Peers+conformity+acceptance= group think. Its proof is in the writing of my purpose with Informed At Once- The strife of expressing the importance of saving humanity from itself in this matrix of disillusion that is forefront to the highest importance.

    Who has the courage to recognize that the landscape of this country, and the world, is dramatically changing to an institutionalized form of function?

    Why the silence? Why the adherence? Why the acceptability of EVERYTHING?

    Where are the critical questions?

    It is because the populace has purposely become dumbed-down by design- through media, through medicine, through education. This is mass manipulation. To be strapped in debt, working for your higher elitist paper holder and eating genetically modified foods has become the acceptance of everything. How does one gain strength from this behavior?
    Such wide-scale ignorance has not been seen since mid-30’s Germany.
    There will be a point were the fabric is pulled from the table to reveal the new standard of living that has been in the works for some time.

    The polit-bureaus of the Soviet Socialist Republic designed the landscape in nearly the same fashion we are witnessing here in the US today.

    Upcoming is the introduction of Neo-Socialism, fine-tuned for the hungriest, most ignorant and dumbed-down consumers the world has ever known.

    How can such a populace put up a fight against such a dominant agenda? It will be a hard task indeed, as many are over the idea of making any change for the better. Too many are happy in their own little world of financial slavery.

    If there is hope for this civilization, it is now of the highest importance to inform the self. A start would be the research of fallen societies. In the most recent past, the ex-Soviet Union, it is apparent what made that society become what it was before the height of its communist structure.
    Seek and you will find the parallels of a similar framework being utilized today.

    Private non-taxed organizations create and pass laws that are to be the standard of social function throughout this new and enhanced technological society that lies directly ahead.
    In the USSR it was the polit-bureaus. In the US & Europe it is private non governmental organizations (NGO’s)- new words, same design.
    The idea and framework of population control can be traced back deeply in time if one afforded the effort to research.

    The creation of culture for a general public is key in succeeding the agenda at stake- which is total population control.

    Smell the danger- look over your shoulder. The hidden mask of mass deception is controlling everything we do.

    To grasp the sword of salvation and annihilate this beast is to conquer prosperity. That sword is the mind. This is the advancement of genuine humankind. All will follow in its course- love, respect, kindness, care, concern- for all beings of the world and animals alike.


    The power is within us. We must unite to save humanity from ourselves.

    Strength, unity and perseverance-

    Brian Coia

    “Prophets who in their heart know themselves to be false cannot prevail against those filled with the power of sincere conviction. Nothing can corrupt ideas. Neither by money nor by other rewards can one hire men for the fight against ideas…
    What is needed to stop the trend towards socialism and despotism is common sense and moral courage.”

    -Ludwig Von Mises
    (Austrian Economist / Social-philosopher)

    God bless you all and may all of us arise to give & to open the precious gift that is cherished in the soul of the sincere & honest truth seeker- That is.. the opening of the mind for the advancement of self in this determined and relentless struggle to achieve a higher awareness in the pursuit of equality for the good of all living souls.

    So we have arrived. Or have we? The Game.

    In typical fashion of predator vs. prey, I imagine government and the financial elite as two killer whales and the general public as a seal. The seal, in the territory of forced dependency to survive among the killers, is hunted, chased, played, and thrown about back and forth for a little amusement until so worn down that it becomes useless game which can then be devoured.

    Killer Whale

    In a capitalist system, such an outcome is inevitable. It is certain a victor and a loser will emerge.

    History undeniably dictates that government expansion will run amok once given an excuse to do so, completely unchecked by its population.

    Even more unnoticed today, is a framework that utilizes a more acute form of direct manipulation through macro-media programming that is “channeled” through the journalism and entertainment complexes which formulate a group-think social fabric.

    The scare tactic of a predator is to control the mind, to frighten its target into submission.
    For the masses to be programmed is the agenda. The constant ramming of disinformation into the mind of the target.
    The more programmed the general public become, the simpler they are to manage and manipulate. Here is where we lie today.

    This explains a life in such a system rather simply- If not bred to think for thyself, why should thy have to think for thyself anyway?

    It is now that I begin to realize that wars of dictatorship regimes throughout world history were not of a goal to protect its population from a foreign “enemy” (as is the current case with the War on Terror), but it is a war within itself- on its very own population. A war on the people.
    In fact, the only opposition a government body has is its own population.

    When the populace seizes to support its evil doings, government becomes limited in scope, minuscule in power in comparison to the populace.

    It is of proper function when a government is established to serve, not rule- where a people can broaden humanity in humankind, which is to do unto others as would thyself, respect others and their property, prosper in honesty, respect the lives of the land and the land itself.

    Is the purpose of the USA meant to annihilate this mentality?

    To find the reason, to search within the meaning, to approach the objective in sincere awareness is precisely the purpose of the expansion of the soul in physical form, which is constantly in strife to achieve the objective- knowing or not knowing.

    What is the objective? Where is it? In the other life? The other side? Into the unknown? Or is it right here and now?

    Hens in Zen

    What is TRUE is that the advancement of the lavish feel-good society have become bred, fed, fattened, programmed and spoiled with no understanding of independent thought for the true advancement of SELF.

    The social fabric is breaking down. By the day it becomes more obvious.

    There must be a TRUE awakening of the mind to advance as SELVES.

    Here lies the sincere hope of CHANGE.

    “Change” does not come by voting in a pre-fabricated 2-party line of right and left-wing political propaganda. This is the agenda of the “establishment”- To manipulate, to form within the parameter of the agenda, to wash the mind from independent thought- No deviations. For the populace to be tuned-in and fixed into the PROGRAM is their utopia.

    It begins to occur to me that the USA’s general purpose in the world view is to consume relentlessly, pump itself with steroids, and vomit while defecating on its opposition the world over.
    Industrialized nations of the world, who share or have shared this same philosophy have proven doomed to failure.

    The USA has been the latest action hero, in its last throes before a global union takes form. This is the purpose of the United Nations- To rise above as ONE body in the aftermath of economic deprivation, currency devaluation, and political de-stabilization of decaying government systems.
    This is what is being sold today as what we now know as globalisation.

    In this system it was without doubt that the Rich will become powerfully richer and the Poor will become pitilessly poorer… with the programmed chickens in the middle pecking away in stress, chaos and confusion.

    The police state is advancing rapidly. RFID technology is scheduled to arrive in your wallet via a National ID shortly, spring of 2008 to be exact. They are already in our passports.

    The killer whales are becoming larger and hungrier by the day, waiting for the right moment.

    In these waters, the nets have been cast.

    Oh chickens- oh chickens- oh chickens of the sea- who fares to win in the decay of liberty?


    As the middle-class fall evermore dependent on financial salvation by a ‘higher above’, who is it to save them from the pleasures of lavish money expansion? As history has shown, this financially transmitted disease has now taking form from host to recipient, again.

    Reach out and touch faith.



    Such common pleasures of monetary prostitution provided by the luxurious financial whorehouse known as the Federal Reserve has played into a very horrific addiction.
    This ‘god’ is sure to not provide salvation.

    In this matrix of economic delusion, the effort one must make to weave through this overwhelming weapon of cash deception is heavily burdened by a level of risk that for many is simply most comfortable to stay clear of.
    The simple satisfaction of purchasing ignorance over knowledge is readily accessible at the disposal of Federal Reserve commanders. Much like they control the value of its currency, they control the spending habits of its citizens as well. To deviate outside the box of conventional thinking is but a conspiracy theory. And with this mindset the average citizen has positioned himself as a slave at the mercy of these fictitious money gods.
    Clearly the task that most have chosen is to bathe in the provided waters of Federal Reserve ‘liquidity’. What a sewage pool of stench it is. A monetary policy based on the full faith and credit of an institution of private bankers for the benefit of their own private interests which is in effect to dumb-down the general public by broadcasting their agenda of deceptive rhetorical statistics.
    It’s their agenda to understand that- We create the money, we control the money, and you dance to the tune of our fiddle. What a fantastic concept.

    How art though Fed Chairman known to the social class as mediator of financial currents, be seen as savior in a potential rash of financial calamity?

    To weave through the confusion- To sow the seed of prosperity- To grasp the honest sensation of financial soundness, and liberty! – is to wield from their shielded conduit.
    To deviate from protection by the curator, to denounce the money creator (The Fed) and begin to strip the socionomic comptrollers of their clothes and bare the naked money god, Mr. Ben Bernanke, with his federal apostles from further destitution it casts upon the broadest depths of class, is to scrape the scum off the encrusted blade of which further sheds the shielded garments it so divinely protects.

    Awaken thy spirit through silence from control, the social framework that is designed, installed and maintained by an evil class of corporate interests.
    Shell thy protection from the pain that is cast upon the ignorant, as this ignorance by choice is visibly abound and is vagrantly unchecked.

    Efforts upon efforts to awaken the mind- for which I stand as outcast from conventional thought. From the obsession to inform the congested mind towards the true understanding of a life which encapsulates pure conscious living.
    It is the Here and Now of which is the matter. The moment to seize the opportunity to think for thyself, and not be thought of as programmable thought.

    Am I the conspiracy theorist?
    Now my clothes are shed. I remain bare, naked, vigilant in focus and determined to listen. I await the call of protection by wisdom.

    I call a ‘crusade’ of honesty. To advance by knowledge, not by force- to strip the foundations of this corrupted empire.
    It will slowly begin to crumble.
    It is but to outsmart the deceptor.

    Only by this.


    Bank Run in the works?

    September 18, 2007

    Fears Spread Among UK Bank’s Customers
    Washington Post

    If people are being bled the subprime mortgage loan hysteria, let this be a prelude of what may next arrive.

    Much like the mortgage loan crises that began in Britain a couple of years back, this sort of activity may be setting a very interesting stage.

    In the world of “globalization”, all industrialized nations are highly contagious to each others illnesses as this power grab of government/economical centralized control continues its course the world over.

    There should not be a shadow of a doubt that this sort of bank-fear activity may not be far from American shores.
    Being the fact that the Dollar is losing its strength by the day only adds further insult to injury.

    Should this type of activity spread from one institution to the other, the fear it will cast should create a domino effect and send the masses into the mindset of searching for a strong, secure place to hold their money & future financial security.

    The Federal Reserve is poised to protect any such situation from occurring in this country by way of interest rate manipulation as they flood banks with evermore newly printed money. All the while your dollars becoming more & more devalued.
    Be forewarned of further disillusionment that the US economy is a sound and healthy one.
    The US Economy is running on credit, not savings.
    The system is unsustainable.
    At some point the credit-vise will snap.

    It will only be a matter of time until the average bank depositor loses faith in this entire fraudulent system known as fractional-reserve banking, overseen by a coup of private bankers known as the Federal Reserve.

    (see this great video documentary from the Ludwig Von Mises Institute- http://mises.org:88/Fed)

    Wherever one stands in this matrix of financial folly, it should be of highest interest to financially protect yourself by purchasing the most sound, secure currency the world has ever known- gold & silver.
    The next ‘bubble’ is strongly building its base.

    1930’s USA Re-visited (London, Sept. 15, 2007)
    1930's Re